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About Diced

Hey, it's your new neighbours - Diced!

Diced is the newest boardgame restaurant entering the Edmonton scene offering an intimate, inclusive space to connect over your favourite boardgames, craft cocktails, and some of the best pub food in the city. Boardgames and eats that stand the test of time. That’s what we’re all about.

We take our love affair with boardgames seriously….but that doesn’t mean you have to. Stop by for a pint, catch up with Friends over your favourite party game, or ask our team to help you learn something new. 

Our vision is to create a place that brings a fun, energetic atmosphere to the 124th street community – whether you’re looking for somewhere to start or end your night. And when you get here, you roll the dice. How will you spend your time with us? 

You might recognize us from our other Edmonton business ventures: 

Brian Flowers, Owner of Table Top Cafe

Jon & Adam, Partners at Wafflebird, Woahnuts, and Dining Car Cafe

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