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events at Diced

Whether you want to meet new people, learn some new games, or take part in a puzzle battle or epic social deduction game, we’ve got events happening all the time at Diced! 

Disney trivia

You might not talk about Bruno but we sure will! 
Teams of up to 6 will answer a series of questions to prove who knows the most about Disney! The winning team will get a cash prize to split amongst their members.

30 questions from the properties, movies and TV shows! (Questions will be limited to strictly Disney original intellectual properties. No Marvel, Star Wars, Simpsons, etc. will be covered)

Each ticket includes:
  • Entry into the trivia night for one person
    Unlimited board game play before and after the event
  • Your chance at Disney Glory!
  • Plus $2 off all cocktails, draft beer, and cider


Starting at 7PM

drop-in gaming

We’re starting a brand new drop-in group at Diced! Join us as a solo player and make new friends to play with, or come with a buddy and jump into some group games you maybe haven’t tried before! Drop in is a great way to meet people in the boardgaming community and learn some new games – plus, Brian will be around to teach ya!

Starting at 6:30PM

dungeons & dragons

Interested in trying out some Dungeons and Dragons? Maybe you want to get back in the game with a new group? Join us at Diced every second Tuesday for an epic adventure with Dungeon Master, Cody!

Starting Tuesday, June 4th
6:30PM – 10:30PM

Want in? Send Cody an email to RSVP!

blood on the clocktower

We’re hosting the most popular social deduction game – Blood on the Clocktower – at Diced! Grab a friend, grab a ticket and join in on a thrilling evening of bluffing, mystery, and story telling. Newcomers welcome!

Event will include at least 2 full games

What’s Blood on the Clocktower? Check it out here!

puzzle battle

Diced is hosting a frustratingly fun evening of puzzle madness! Gather your team of 3 to 4 players and race to complete a 500 piece puzzle as quickly as possible. Come early and eat your fill to be fully ready for puzzling.

The winning team will get a $25 gift card for each member and each team gets to keep the puzzle they have just completed. There will be extra gift cards handed out as random bonus prizes for each team in excess of 4 that signs up!

6:45PM – 9:45PM